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Effective Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed by Recruiters

May 05, 2021

Effective Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed by Recruiters

The resume is the first thing interviewers look at when they are hiring any employee. It is your responsibility to make a proper resume that will help you get selected for the interview. Remember, your resume will only help you get selected for the INTERVIEW, however, your knowledge and skills will help you get selected for the job.

Let us share a few effective tips for you to get your resume noticed by the recruiters.

1] Don’t clutter:

– It’s your resume, don’t clutter it unnecessarily or be in the haste of putting each aspect of your skills or work experience.

– Format and outline it smartly. Know what is relevant and what is not. What little information will be useful for the interview and will be helpful for you.

2] Hook Interviewers attention:

– Your resume’s first page should cover all the important aspects which an interviewer should able to read in one go. Your first page should be let them get hooked to your resume.

– Make sure you’re adding important details which are required for the selection. Those details should be eye-catching and relevant for them.

3] Design Sensibly:

– Your resume should reflect your job title/personality. As it becomes crucial to design it sensibly. Before you start designing your resume, first know which sector you are applying for.

– For instance, If you’re applying for the banking or financial sector, your resume should look formal. Suppose, if you’re applying for digital marketing, then your resume should creative and vibrant. If Sector or industry differs, so as the designs of the resume differ.

– Invest time accurately while designing your resume.

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4] Use Keywords:

– Keep in mind that, keywords play a major role. For this, you have to first check the job description and accordingly, you have to bullet points the important skills or achievements.

– Use keywords that will attract HR requirements and will help you get noticed in the applicant tracking system.

5] Save it in PDF:

Always remember, you have to save your resume in PDF format only. It should never be in Word document format.

6] Name it decent:

The final Step, while saving the resume, name your file with your ‘First name and Last name’. Add no fancy names like cool, nicknames, short forms, or anything as such. Such names will only let your resume stay forever in HR’s mailbox and never going to open in decades after decades.

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Remember the above effective tips for getting your resume noticed by recruiters. Wish you all the best!!!