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5 Tips to Handle Mistakes in Your Application for a Job

April 27, 2021

5 Tips to Handle Mistakes in Your Application for a Job

Humans tend to do mistakes, and that is absolutely okay. But what is not okay is not to rectifying it and repeating it with the same mistakes. It is always better you ensure yourself before committing any mistakes. Mistakes can be avoided and you can learn from them as well to not repeat them.

While applying for jobs, many applicants do common mistakes. It must be a tiny mistake for you but this might have a bigger impact on your job searching journey. But don’t you worry, we got your back. In this blog, we will share 5 tips that will help you avoid those common mistakes while applying for jobs.

Let us what are 5 tips to handle mistakes in your application for a job.

1] Inspect the services on the website

Most applicants usually check the website and directly land on the contact page. But they do miss a crucial page on it. And that is ‘Services’. Do inspect what services they offer. This will help you understand if they have the job that you are looking for.

For instance, you’re applying for digital marketing jobs, but all do offer is outdoor advertising-related jobs. It will be a total waste of time of yours. It is better to invest your time rightly before rather than wasting your time later.

2] Always check the Job description

While you’re applying for a job on different job portals, remember to check the job description/duties/responsibilities correctly. Most of the time, the companies give different job titles and the job role is completely different.

For instance, the job title is mentioned – Sales Manager, whereas the job role and responsibilities are of Sales Executive. Hence, check the job description carefully.

3] Save the resume smartly

The moment you’re saving your resume, save it in the correct format. The preferred format for a resume is PDF and not Word Document. Also, remember never to save your resume with a fancy or nicknames. It looks extremely unprofessional. It should be your initial name and the last name.

For instance, some people save the resume with names like;

– PriyuResume
– CuteNicolaResume
– Chris123resume

This exercise should be avoided and make a habit of saving it professionally.

– Priyanka Thakur Resume
– Nicola Joseph Resume
– Chris Thomas Resume

4] Ensure to attach Resume

In the online application, most of the time, we write content in body copy, we write a subject line, we mention the email address. But most importantly we forget to attach the resume. This is the most common mistake that happens to applicants. But remember following while applying online.

  • Attach the updated resume
  • Cross-check before attaching the resume
  • The email address should be added only once the resume is attached, mail body content is written and the subject line is mentioned.
  • Proofread everything.

5] Keep it Professional

No matter if it is an Online or offline application. The tone of yours should be always formal and should sound professional.

Note down all the above tips or hammered them in your mind nicely. As it will be truly helpful while applying for jobs.

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