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What is Interview and Types of Interviews

February 24, 2021

What is Interview and Types of Interviews

The work Journey began with an interview. You have to pass the interview to start the work-life. But what is an interview and what value does it hold?

The interview is a formal meeting between two people (Interviewer and interviewee). The interview is conducted to ask questions and obtain information from the interviewee. An Interviewer is the one who asks questions and an interviewee is who answers the questions.

In organizations or companies, interviews are generally conducted to test the interviewee, check their domain knowledge, examine their skills, scrutinize their behavior and attitude, and many other aspects that are required to fulfill organizational needs.

After proper evaluation, then only the interviewee is selected for the job role. Failing job interviews is not meant that you are incapable of working, you don’t have to be upset about it, despite this, you have to work on your flaws, try to polish your skills-set, understand where you’re lacking, how you can fill in the gap, what measures you have to take, and lastly, things that are required to succeed in interviews. Self-evaluation plays a major role here.

To evaluate an interviewee, there is not only one type of interview is followed by the interviewer, but they evaluate the interviewee by testing them with different types of interviews. As it becomes important to prepare yourself for different types of interviews. But before, you should be aware what are the types of interviews and how they are performed.

With respect to this, let us help you understand the types of interviews, which will aid you to practice accordingly and perform best in your future interviews.

formal and informal interviews

1] Formal and Informal interviews:

Formal interviews are well-planned interviews, the questions are prepared in advance, and the time, date, venue, dress code, everything is decided prior to the interview.
Whereas, Informal interviews are not well-planned and the questions are random and generic. The communication between both is also casual as compared to formal interviews.


2] Sequential and Panel Interview:

sequential and panel interview

Sequential interviews consist of several interviews. Here in this kind of interview, the same set of questions are asked repeatedly by several interviewers to check if the interviewee answers in the same manner or not.
And in Panel Interview, several interviewers are sitting to ask questions to the interviewee. This type of interview mainly consists in Public Sector.


3] Group Interview:

group interview

Group Interviews are where many interviewees participate in the interview. Usually, it is termed as applicant pool and it happens during college or university placements. In group interviews, many interviewees are evaluated and few are selected amongst all.


4] Situational Interview:

situationa interview

In this kind of interview, a situation or a problem is kept front of the interviewee and interviewers ask them how they will deal with it and what will be the solution for it. Through this interview, they evaluated how well they will manage problems in an organization and how proactive they are in taking decisions in such situations.


phone or video call interview5] Phone or Video Call interview:

This interview will be performed on the Phone call (Telephonic round) or Video Call. In the current pandemic, we have witnessed how interviewers were taking place on video calls. And this type of interview was majorly focused on during the covid-19 situation.

These were a few and the most common type of interviews which occurs in organizations and companies to test and evaluate the interviewees and fulfill the organizational needs and requirements.

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