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Top 4 Do's and Don'ts at Workplace

June 03, 2021

Top 4 Do's and Don'ts at Workplace

We all aware that the workplace is not an outing with friends, where we can do whatsoever we feel doing. We have to follow basic office etiquette, moreover, we should also be aware to maintain the office decorum. It is not HR’s responsibility to inform you daily about each rule. It is the individual employee’s responsibility to understand the work environment and behave accordingly.

In this blog post, we are going to share a few basic dos and Don’ts to follow or remember while working in any workplace.


1] Dress according to the work culture:

You should know what attire to wear in the workplace. For instance, in media companies, there is no formal dress code required, you can wear what you are comfortable with. Whereas, in Corporate offices, a formal dress code is a must. For a saying, if you are a sales-person, you can’t wear a hoodie and go to the market and sell a product to other people

2] Know your etiquettes:

Behave mannerly in the workplace. Being over-friendly unnecessarily or eating over the desk frequently portrays your etiquettes. You must behave responsibly.

3] Be Flexible:

Engage in activities, be participative and flexible. Accept tasks fearlessly. Be curious enough to be a learner.

4] Network with Colleagues:

Do not sit in a corner without engaging with colleagues. Know what they work for, what is the process, and be friendly and polite with them.


1] Do Not Panic:

While looking at the task list or deadlines, never panic. Be confident enough that you will manage things properly.

2] Do Not use inappropriate language:

Know how to talk with your seniors and colleagues. You can’t be rude, arrogant, or impolite. Also, you can’t use inappropriate words which may spoil office decorum.

3] Do Not do personal talks at desk:

You show know the difference between private and professional life. You should not keep on discussing personal life problems frequently during working hours. You can discuss it during the breaks.

4] Do not arrive late:

Be on time. Do not arrive late. It lasts a bad impression in the workplace. Better you be on time and focus on your work, without missing the deadline.

Remember to follow the above Do’s and Don’ts in the workplace to avoid any problems in your work-life